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The lost and hopeless world.

  Those without Jesus Christ.

  Missionaries and soulwinners
  National pastors and workers.

  The nations and leaders of the world.

  The world-wide Church and its work.

  A Holy-Ghost revival to take place.

  LWI and its continuing outreach.

  LWI Board and their families.

  Executive Director and wife.

  Our prayer and financial partners.

  Future guidance and plans from God.

  The radio ministry and listeners. 

  For one another in these last days.

  All the humanitarian needs.

  Faithfulness to the Gospel at all times.

  The defeat of the Gospel enemies. 

Prayer is personal and corporate communication with God.  It is the most powerful tool for us to fight the spiritual conflict.   


  God promises that His Word will never return to Him without bearing fruit. There are times that we think no one is listening or responding to the divine truths, but God assures us that His Word is always effective. How often does a discouragement arise because we do not see immediate results? Clearly, our responsibility is to be faithful to the Lord, and He will bring the increase. 

  We all share in the ministry of Christ and must be willing to do whatever He asks us to do. The Apostle Paul makes this clear: “For we are laborers together with God; ye are God’s husbandry; ye are God’s building” (1 Corinthians 3:9). Yes, we are to be together in the work of the Lord. God has given each one of us special gifts and abilities; therefore, we can all have an influence and impact upon the people that we reach with the Gospel. The key is to be where God wants us to be and doing what He wants us to do.  
  Do you think we will be greatly surprised when we enter our eternal home? At that time, all the fruits of our labors will be most evident. And quite assuredly, they will be much more that what we see here on earth. Many times, God gives an increase without revealing it to us. We can influence people around us without even knowing it, but God does. This is why we must always represent the Lord Jesus Christ, not ourselves. 

  Your partnership with this ministry is being richly blessed each day, but eternity will reveal the full influence that you have had with your many prayers and financial support. Thank you for being special in this work of the Lord.


  We had a great Pastors and workers conference last April 24-26. More than 100 Pastors and workers attended. April 27 was the medical/dental/derma mission. More than 200 made professions to receive Jesus Christ and 389 people were treated. We were also able to feed 300 people. LWI funds were used for this and to help Pastors from the provinces with their transportation.
  The 42nd Anniversary of Malabon International Baptist Church was celebrated this year. The Lord really blessed the morning and afternoon service. We had standing room only. Nineteen got saved. But before this event we baptized nine people. It was a time of real rejoicing in the Lord.  
From Pastor Tica

Note: Pastor Tica is our primary contact in the Philippines and schedules and coordinates our work for the Lord.

  The youth camp was held May 7-11. Many young people got saved and surrendered their lives to Him. I thank God also because I was able to join the camp.  
From Acela

Note: Acela does the office work for LWI in the Philippines and receives support from us.

God guarantees that his word will not return void.  
He doesn’t guarantee that the return will be immediate.
Keep sowing!!!!!


  The work has been going slow especially that the workers of the dress factory have gone on vacation. Pastor Joe and his wife are now reaching the children and their families in the neighborhood and also started discipleship training for some of the leaders. Pastor Tica provides materials and guidance. The services were transferred to the afternoon which seems to be working better for them.  


  We will be discontinuing the GoFundMe on the internet in raising special funds for China and the Philippines. The contributions received have been transferred to the LWI account. You can still make contributions to this special project by sending them directly to LWI. Please make sure you designate your gift to “World Outreach for Christ. We thank those who have contributed to this project.

  Because of very special people who gave generously, we were able to go through the wilderness with all our needs met. There is still discomfort and pain, but the hip bone is healed. There is also the swelling of the leg which is normal. We thank all of you who prayed and sent gifts.  
  Just recently, Kimber had shoulder surgery and is recuperating. Hopefully, this will take care of the injury that she sustained from work a couple years ago.  
  Bryan, Nicole and the children serve the Lord with a youth group, Bible studies. Bryan also preaches at a small church every other week.  
  We are looking forward to a visit from Savannah in August. This is always a special time in our year.  

  In August, Pastor Wilmer and family will be celebrating their second year in Iloilo. God provided a lot for the church, the building (bamboo and Nipa palm), and a bike for transportation. There is the need to replace the roof after two years.  
  His wife had Hemo Dialysis but is doing fine now. He writes: “And I would like to say thank you for all the financial support that you send for us monthly. It is really a big help for our needs especially during her dialysis.  
  He asks us to pray for a new church roof, fund for their second anniversary celebration, a good attendance and salvation of souls, and good health and provisions.  

  Our second report comes from Pastor Alfonso in Isabela. Faith Baptist Church celebrated its third anniversary. Recently, four souls got saved. They have an outreach program to reach people for Christ and discipleship them into the body of Christ. They have 20 at the cottage prayer meeting, 10 in the mid-week service, 50 for the Morning Worship, and 30 for Sunday School except the children. They are looking to purchase a new church lot.  
  “I and my family are thankful for your prayers and for sharing your financial support in our ministry. Thank you so much for your prayers.”
  God is at work all over His world!

  We praise God for the radio ministry that is heard around the world and rejoice in the responses that we receive. God continues to bless His ministry on the air waves. It is time to begin recording new programs for 2020.  
  Here are a few responses from the weekly broadcast.

  “I am strengthened by your teaching and I stand up for Jesus the Christ.”
Giulietta, Milan, Italy

  “Since I was a little child, I have loved God. We were fortunate to have been raised in church and it is something to be really thankful for these days of such evil in the world. Keep spreading the very important Word of the Lord!
Kate, Thomasville, GA

  “My Globesat unit is locked on Living Word. I love studying the Bible and I appreciate being able to get your program with such clarity. Bless you!”

  “I live in La Paz Bolivia and I started listening to you about one month past. I listen with my sister. She is not well, and we need your prayer. Please. Thank you!
Alberto, La Paz, Bolivia

  “Back in the 1980s I thought it was terribly violent here in Columbia, but now all the news we hear from the U.S. is of shootings in public places. You don’t have drug wars. You have crazy people who are able to get guns. We pray for you.
Jose, Bogota, Columbia

  “I listen every week in Toronto. I was not brought up with Christian radio so finding your broadcast has been a real eye-opener. There is a lot for me to learn about the Savior and I appreciate the work you are doing.”
Amanda, Toronto, Canada

  We also receive prayer requests, so we ask you to pray for our listeners. And ask the Lord to bring souls into His kingdom.  

  Again, our words cannot express the thanks that we have in our hearts for our faithful prayer and financial partners. You are the key to this ministry, and we thank God for each one of you. We ask the Lord to give you very special blessings for your faithfulness to Him.  

  We are trying to plan a trip to China this fall but have not been able to get agreement on the dates. We will keep working on it and ask you to pray for the will of the Lord.