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Pray for:

The lost world without Christ

The salvation of souls

Pastors and workers

The family of God

The worldwide Church

A Holy Ghost-led revival

Encouragement of believers

LWI and its mission endeavors

Executive Director and wife

LWI Board members and families

The upcoming Philippines’ trip

LWI and its financial needs

Radio outreach and its listeners

Special spoken and unspoken request

One another and personal needs


                         CHANGNG THE WORLD!


  The Lord Jesus had just instructed His disciples that He would be leaving this earth, returning to heaven and preparing a place for us. The inquisitive Thomas asked: “Lord, we know not where you go, and how can we know the way.” In answer, Jesus responds with this life-changing definition and proclaims that     there is no way to heaven except through Him.

  There is no hope for this world except in our Savior and cross. The scriptures make it very clear that no one will reach the eternal glory without knowing the Savior. The world searches for the answers in man-made religions and false doctrines, but they will never find true life or happiness. 

  The Church needs to return to the old-time Gospel and proclaim it boldly. We are not here to cater to this world; but rather, we have been called to win the world to Christ. Our mission will be an utter failure if we do not make our Lord and His message the one primary proclamation.  

  We will always proclaim Jesus Christ and His salvation as the main task of our work around the world. In this godless day and age, it is not time to compromise His truth but echo His words loud and clear so that the whole world can know the way. 

  Prayers and plans are moving ahead for the trip to the Philippines in April. Nothing is impossible with our God, and we are anticipating great things for His honor and glory.
  A mission trip like this requires 
Much prayer and planning if it is 
going to be effective and fruitful
for the glory of God. We thank 
the Lord for the opportunity to 
serve Him. Since 1992, I have 
been traveling to the Philippines
almost every year, and each time
has been a special blessing from the Lord.
  It will definitely be a busy and almost non-stop schedule. From day to day, changes are made, but this gives you an idea of what will be happening.

  April 2—Leave for the airport around 5:30 am
  April 3—Arrive in Manila around 9 pm
  Three hour ride to Malabon
  April 5—Spiritual Retreat for Christian workers
  Serve as Key Note Speaker
  April 9—Five Day National Auxiliary Chaplains Convention
  Participating and Speaking
  April 18—Three Day National Conference of Higher Ground
  Baptist Mission
  Participating and Speaking
  April 21—Medical Mission
  April 22—Malabon International Baptist Church
  51st Anniversary
  April 26—Return Home

  Sundays will involve preaching in different churches. And somewhere in the schedule, Pastor Joe and I will take a trip to the northern islands.  
  The Medical Mission is special. Doctors and nurses donate their time all day to examine and give medicines to the under-privileged. Without this mission, many people would not get medical help. There is a clear presentation of the Gospel and many come to know Christ as Savior.  
  The estimated cost for the entire trip is $6,000. The LWI Board voted to underwrite the basic expense of $1,500 for the Medical Mission. It sets aside the costs for the trip to the northern islands. And it includes help to pastors, special needs, and humanitarian assistance. We willingly step out by faith, knowing that our God has never failed to meet the needs.
  We are most grateful for those who have already given toward the expenses and know that others will desire to contribute to this important mission for our Savior.



  In February, we received an email from the radio ministry requesting that a Bible be sent to Nigeria. We did purchase and send one that did arrive safely. Pray that God uses it to help this believer grow in the Lord.

  Periodically, we do get such requests and try to meet the needs of His people around the world. With the authorities often confiscating mailings, we never know whether or not they arrive. We do know it is worth the risk and cost for our Lord. 


  A three-day family seminar was held at the end of 2017. Over 100 attended and almost all gave their lives and families to the Lord.  
  Pastor Joe was hospitalized when the grinder broke when he was remodeling their apartment. He has now recovered and is back at the church.  
  The pastors and churches that we support continue to encourage the believers, and souls are being added to the kingdom of God.  
  The Filipino President Rogrigo Duterte issued an executive order proclaiming every January to be the Bible month.  
  Pastor Tica continues: “Please pray for us that the name of our God will be glorified in all these endeavors. Thank you for the $3,300 support you sent for your missionaries.

  We thank God for what He is doing around the world in and through this ministry. For those in closed countries, we cannot give you the reports, but the Church is growing and expanding. 


Pray for the weekly broadcast in sharing the Gospel message. God continues to use this ministry to take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. Here are a few responses.

  “Your message for Jesus is coming through loud and clear and I am rejoicing in the Lord my God.”
Virgin Islands

  “I receive you on the Glocasat services and I am glad that you are on there because your program is really helpful in helping me sort out my thoughts. Bless you.”

  “I hope that you will pray for my family. We are having trouble. I lost my job an d my wife is sick so I need to find a job for my family. Please have prayer.”
 Santiago Hernandez
Lima, Peru

  “This day has gotten off to a bad start. My mother called from the hospital where she went with chest pains. By the way, she is in Charlotte, NC and I am in New York. I am so worried about her and that combined with the stress of work is tearing me up. Please pray for me that God will take care of her. Thanks!”

  “Too many Christian TV and radio programs have been geared to please, entertain, and gain the favor of the world. The temptation is to compromise, to make the gospel more appealing and attractive” (Billy Graham).  
  Our one purpose is to reach the world with the Gospel through a strong, systematic presentation of the Lord Jesus and His Church. 


  The world is still moving and advancing, but it is definitely not listening to God. Evil, sin and corruption abound. Even though these acts are not new, we do believe that they are intensifying and preparing for the Lord’s return to this earth and the consummation of world history.
  It is most urgent that we get the Gospel to all four corners of the earth. Pray for the hundreds of ministries that are proclaiming the message without compromise and remain focused on the truth and nothing but the truth.  

LWI continues to grow and minister because of YOU. Thank you for your prayers and gifts.