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Pray for:

  Israel and her people

  The Middle East and Muslims

  A mission impact in this area

  Our nation and its people

  LWI and its work around the world

  Executive Director and wife

  LWI Board and its members

  National pastors and believers

  LWI prayer and financial partners

  The universal Church and revival

  Those without our Savior

  LWI finances and commitments

  Future ministry in the Philippines

  One another and our love for Christ

     Prayer is an important part of reaching the world with  the  Gospel  message,  and  missions  will  be ineffective without prayer.  Pray without ceasing.


        The Word of God stands forever; the truth never changes. Although man continually denies, rejects and refuses to believe the divine revelations, they continue to exist and make an impact upon the world. Generations come and go, but the biblical writings prevail. No one can destroy the truth. All truth comes from God Himself; and if God says it, we can believe it. The whole world hinges upon the power of the Gospel, and it alone will determine the final outcome of mankind and his history. And more importantly, it will position every individual within the presence of God or outside His kingdom for all eternity.  
  Time after time, our mission journey took us on the paths of the infallible, inerrant proofs of the inspired Word of the Lord. The Old Testament set the stage for His coming; the New Testament proclaims His glorious appearance on earth for the redemption of mankind; the Church proclaims the truth without compromise; and believers await His glorious appearing. Human history is actually divine history in the making.
        The Jerusalem cross tells the living truth of the Gospel. The cross stands at the center of the truth. Jesus Christ who never changes is the Savior of the world. The four small crosses represent the four Gospels and the larger cross the four corners of the earth. Our loving God sent His Son for the salvation of this world. “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” (John 3:17).
        The time is NOW to proclaim the Gospel. The hours are quickly fading into past eternity; how much time do we have left before He comes for His Church? We stand committed to the truth that never changes. 


        The Middle East stands central to the beginning of this world (the Garden of Eden and Old Testament history), its present existence (Israel and Arab nations), the future years (constant unrest and turmoil), and its ultimate finalization (Battle of Armageddon and the new heaven and earth). Right now, the world is experiencing the calm before the storm. This region is a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. And there is nothing to stop it—no nation, person or peace treaty. The proof is in past, present and future history; there has never been peace despite all the signed and sealed peace treaties. When God said there would be unrest between the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael, we are experiencing it moment by moment.
        Again, the Word of God speaks the truth. Where the world began, it will also come to an end. Are we in the eleventh hour of world history? Is the Lord sitting on the edge of His seat about ready for His return? We do not know the ultimate answers to these questions; regardless, the time is always short. The Church must be active in its witness before the world to save thousands of souls from going into a Christ-less eternity. Our call is to be faithful and let God bring the increase.


     We visited the Golan Heights and were about one mile from the al-Qaeda and ISIS camps. These two terrorists groups are in conflict with the world and each other. While viewing and taking pictures, we heard gun shots.


     Golgotha, the place of the skull, was the crucifixion sight. Although the exact location is not known, Christ died for the sins of the world. The Great Commission, given by our Lord, commands us to reach the world for Him.
     This exploratory mission trip proved to be different than we planned. We had made arrangements to meet with a mission agency to get information, but they could not meet with us. As a result, God used individuals and situations to meet our four main objectives. It has given us a much broader picture of the work that needs to be done in this volatile area of the world.
     A firsthand view of the political climate was the first objective. Israel, a modern socialistic society, is surrounded by many dictatorial governments. The nations, especially, the Palestinians, desire to annihilate God’s chosen people. Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus and once part of Israel, is now under Palestinian rule.  
      The second objective, the presentation of the Gospel, is paramount. If you are born into a religion—Christian, Jewish or Muslim, you are expected to die in that religion. It is legal to witness to the Jews (permission must be given by the parents if it involves a minor), but the task is extremely difficult. The Muslims are populating much of the area. For example, Bethlehem used to be ninety per cent Christian; it is now only thirty per cent.
     To catch a vision of what needs to be done served as the third objective. Our eyes have been opened wide to the ripe and ready harvest. But what can we actually do to share the Gospel in Israel and surrounding nations? We pray and wait upon the Lord to give us insight and direction.  
     And fourth, prayer is the key to victory. God has opened our eyes so that we can pray more effectively and fruitfully. The Jews go to the Wailing Wall to pray; we must go before the throne of God unceasingly on behalf of His chosen people.


     It is a great privilege and joy to walk where Jesus walked. Over and above, the birth place, crucifixion and resurrection sights, the nation possesses the roots of our faith. Here in this land, our Savior gave His life for us. More importantly, He arose from the dead and lives forever.

     Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, a favorite spot of Jesus and His disciples.  

     The Eastern Gate in Jerusalem where Christ will reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.  

     The valley of Megiddo where the last world war will take place.  

     Petra in Jordan, the hiding place for the Jews during the future Tribulation Period.


     The Muslims were observing Ramadan while we were there and had the opportunity to travel to Jerusalem. Israel had not allowed the Muslims to visit the city for many years. Due to President Trump and his initiative to bring peace to the region, the Israeli government opened the door for this historic visit.
     On the second day, there was a terrorist attack. A woman police officer was stabbed and killed. Immediately, the attackers were shot and killed. Their extended families will not be able to work or visit Israel.  
     Sadly, the Muslim world practices a religious emptiness. Without Christ, there is no true worship or hope to get to heaven. Pray that God will open the eyes of those who serve false gods and systems.


      It was a great privilege to be back in Israel after thirty years. Great changes have taken place, but it is still the home and ministry of Jesus. We thank God for the opportunity. God revealed many things to us.
     Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Because of you, God has made many things possible. Your faithfulness will not go unrewarded.